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The State of Service 2022

The last two years have irrevocably changed the landscape of how we, as a society, interact with technology. COVID-19, its fallout, and the restrictions it posed are but one strand of a confluence of factors that have been reshaping the service industry in recent years. Taken as a whole, these divergent factors, advancements, and changing customer expectations paint a vivid picture for what the future of field service looks like.

So what does this mean about the State of Service heading into next year, and looking ahead to the next five years? What trends are beginning to gain a foothold, how have those trends already begun to evolve, and what comes next? Through our stories, firsthand experience, and study of macro service trends, The Future of Field Service has generated a robust picture for the current state of service. This new series, to be consolidated and expanded in an upcoming whitepaper, will use our insights to build a coherent, forward-looking image of what the state of service looks like today, and what we can expect tomorrow. Here is some of what we will explore:

  • The Post-COVID Service Technology Stack
  • The State of Field Service Management Software
  • The State of Connected Assets
  • The State of the Service Workforce
  • The State of Small Business Service
  • The State of Industrial Operations

These explorations will be colored by many of the conversations that we have experienced over the last twelve months, and will function as an overall pastiche that will prepare you to start 2022 on the right track. We’ll begin next week by exploring the impact of COVID on service technology spend. We’ll see you then.