Frankfurt FoFS | Future of Field Service

Frankfurt May 19th 2022

Future of Field Service is hosting its first-ever global live tour, and on May 19th we will be at our third stop, in Frankfurt. This event is an opportunity to step away from the daily chaos, to connect with like-minded individuals, to hear the real-world perspectives of local leaders on a variety of timely topics, and – last, but not least – to have some fun!


10:00 – 10:30: Welcome, Introduction, State of the Industry

Hosted by Sarah Nicastro

10:30 – 11:10: Conversation with Frank Mattes | Scaling Service Innovation to Drive Business Impact

Overview: Author, Advisor and Top 20 Global Thought Leader Frank Mattes shares perspective on some of the most common reasons that innovation fails. He will speak to the why, when, and how of scaling innovation to drive business impact.  

Knowing that tomorrow’s customers will not pay for today’s products, services or business models, Frank gives advice on how to manage the hard and soft factors of innovation to manage it successfully in a way that will lead you to impact.  

11:10 – 11:50: ANDRITZ | How Digital is Driving the Future of Service

Conversation with Klaus Glatz, Chief Digital Officer at ANDRITZ: How Digital is Driving the Future of Service

Klaus Glatz, CDO at ANDRITZ, talks with Sarah about the company’s digital transformation journey and the growing role automation will play for the business in the future. As Chief Digital Officer, Klaus lends insight into why companywide alignment on digital initiatives is so important and advice for how to achieve it. Sarah and Klaus will discuss how trends in ANDRITZ’ industry are driving new customer needs and how digital will enable the company to meet these needs, today and into the future. Klaus speaks to hard-earned lessons learned that will apply to any business in any industry.

11:50 – 12:30: REMA TIP TOP | Transforming Today for Service of Tomorrow

Conversation with Thomas Moser, Head of Product Management for Digital Solutions at REMA TIP TOP: Transforming Today for Service of Tomorrow 

Overview: REMA TIP TOP AG is a world leading company in Tire Repair Products, Surface Protection, and Material Processing. Thomas Moser, Head of Product Management for Digital Solutions, is in the midst of a companywide transformation to address the new needs today’s customers have as well as prepare to be adept at meeting their future needs. He has a vision for 2025 but knows that bringing that vision to life starts today.  

Thomas shares insight into identifying customer needs, creating new service value propositions, and driving change related to people, processes, and technology to realize his vision. 

12:30-13:30: Lunch and Networking

13:30 – 14:00: Siemens | Service, Collaboration and Sustainability

Conversation with Rainer Karcher, Global IT Director Sustainability and Tiago Charréu, Global Partner Core Unified Communications & Messaging Team Lead of Siemens: Service, Collaboration and Sustainability 

Overview: Rainer and Tiago discuss some of the intersection points between the service evolution, the criticality of collaboration, and the focus on sustainability. As new service offerings are introduced and sustainability initiatives expand, what are the ways in which collaboration becomes even more important? 

Rainer and Tiago combine their perspectives to share advice on how to best equip field workers, how to successfully communicate and collaborate with customers, and how to ensure your IT efforts support your sustainability objectives.  

14:00 – 14:30: Cimcorp | The Innerworkings of Customer Excellence

Conversation with Sonja Haavisto, Head of Group Communications at Cimcorp: The Innerworkings of Customer Excellence  

Overview: Sometimes companies become so hyper-focused on the Customer Experience that they lose sight of the role the experiences of their internal stakeholders play in creating the customer impact they desire. The correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction is proven, so how do you create an employee experience, from the back office to the frontline workforce, that will fuel company initiatives and drive customer loyalty? 

Sonja speaks about the importance of strategic alignment, company culture, communication – especially with a remote workforce, employee engagement and satisfaction, career development, and attracting strong talent.  

14:30 – 15:00: Eickhoff | Embracing Change and Mastering Complexity to Win at Service

Conversation with Dietmar Schmidtz, Head of Product Development Service at Eickhoff: Embracing Change and Mastering Complexity to Win at Service 

Overview: Dietmar speaks to the vast changes in market demands, product development, and service expectations that have driven Eickhoff to evolve and gives insight on how the company has prioritized its initiatives on that journey.  

Recognizing that customers want outcomes and insights, Eickhoff has worked to adapt and to modernize its approach to service to meet modern needs. This entails mastering complexity, in systems and processes, around which Dietmar will share his lessons learned. 

15:00 – 16:00: Summary Discussion and Key Takeaways

All speakers join Sarah for an open-forum panel discussion that attendees will be invited to participate in. The speakers will recap some of the key points of the day, offer final words of wisdom, and you will be welcomed to ask any additional questions you have as well as weigh in with your own thoughts.  

16:00 – 18:00: Feierabend

Let’s take the opportunity we’ve all truly missed to network, socialize, and share in some food and drinks!  

Location and Timing

Venue: Out of Office

Address: Westend, Bockenheimer Landstr. 94-96, 60323 Frankfurt Am Main 

Timings: 10:00-18:00pm

Important Information

Language: The event will be in predominantly English

Refreshments: Food and drinks will be provided

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