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We hope you find Future of Field Service to be a valuable resource where you can gain knowledge and perspective to help you shape your service organization’s journey into the future. We strive to provide objective insight, success stories of field service business transformation, firsthand perspective from service leaders on foremost service topics, and analyst perspective on industry trends. We’re here for you, so don’t hesitate to offer feedback on what you’d like to see. Have thoughts or a cool story to tell? We’d love to talk with you! Email Sarah at sarah@futureoffieldservice.com.

Picture of Sarah Nicastro

Hi, I’m Sarah Nicastro, and while I never thought I’d become passionate about field service – here we are! After happening into the industry more than a decade ago, it’s become a part of who I am. I most enjoy the opportunity to provide a platform from which service leaders can share their trials and triumphs with one another. I love seeing new places, I thoroughly enjoy just about any form of live music, and I adore reading nonfiction. However, I rarely have time for any of that because I am also mom to two-year old and three-year old boys, Evan and Ellis. My husband, boys, and I live in Erie, PA..

Picture of Tom Paquin

Hi, I’m Tom Paquin, field service industry analyst and technology enthusiast. I’m a lover of nerdy things, whether it be the latest gadget, movie, or book. I’m a real technology nomad, switching from platform to platform with reckless abandon. There’s nothing I love more than figuring how a new application or operating system works. That love for technology led me in  to study the service management industry in recent years, where tech adoption and digital disruption is beginning to really heat up. When not staring at screens, I love to run and hike, listen to weird music, and force new recipes upon my friends and family. I live in Boston with my wife, Kate, our daughter, Maeve, and our dog, French Fry.